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Close up of an Ethology chewable pendant on a white fabric background

Why Ethology?

Ethology was established in 2020, in New South Wales, Australia, born out of a desire to create and curate sustainable products which meet the nuanced sensory needs of our children.


We celebrate our role in translating the experiences gathered from the neurodiverse population into products that may support the emerging sensory needs of the next generation, and the wider community.  

illustration of Ethology's chewable pendant
Ethology, the study of animal behaviour, touches upon the fact that people receive joy from nature and also typically see themselves in a special role as stewards of creation.

What is sustainable?

Sustainability denotes our role and responsibility as stewards of this planet to ensure that what we take from it will not negatively impact the generations that are to follow. Our commitment to sustainable practice has resulted in a unique, biodegradable pendant that is not only functional and durable, but one that transcends gender, fashion, or fad.

skeleton of Hevea Brasiliensis leaf on a dark blue background showing the veins of the leaf
Close up of a boy bending an Ethology chewable pendant

What is sensory regulation?

To attain self-regulation, we as humans must effectively process extrinsic sensory input. Efficient sensory regulation results in a proper response to a sensory stimulus. Conversely, those with a sensory processing disorder can experience an innate response and subsequent behaviour that is misaligned with the sensory input. For these individuals, there exists a spectrum of sensory and therapeutic mediations that can be explored and utilised to achieve their sense of both sensory and self-regulation.

What is Proprioception?

Do you have a child with additional needs? Are you interested in understanding how using our sense of proprioception can help emotional regulation when your child seems overwhelmed? This video can explain how!

Our Values

illustration of a lighbulb with leaves inside


illustration of a leaf


illustration of a brain

Sensory friendly

Our mission is to create products which respect the planet that nurtures us, and the human beings that need a little extra nurturing.

Aerial view rubber tree forest plantation, Top view of rubber latex tree and leaf plantation
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