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Hevea tree tapping.jpg

What is natural rubber?

Our pendants are crafted from the latex sap of the is Hevea Brasiliensis tree. The bark of the tree is tapped to release its milky sap, which is collected in cups before it is harnessed to create the material known as natural rubber.


The incisions in the bark made by the tapping process are in turn enclosed by the excreted latex sap, acting like a bandage to protect the tree from external threats such as bacteria, allowing the tree to heal and rejuvenate.

Natural rubber tree being tapped.jpeg

What are the advantages of natural rubber?

We love natural rubber for its exceptional innate properties. A highly resilient material, its physical ability to stretch, rebound and resist tearing make it perfect for chewing on, while also being gentle on young teeth and gums.


If that is not enough, we love how natural rubber is:

  • Water resistant

  • Hygienic and naturally resistant to bacteria

  • Resistant to fatigue and overuse

  • Easy to clean

  • Super strong

  • Naturally biodegradable

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